Sunday, March 15, 2015

True friends vs "Friends"

Have you ever wonder who are your true friends? It is actually very easy. When you are going through a hard time or having heap load of  problems, that is the best time for you to know who are your true friends.

I have been having a lot of problems recently and I had finally figure out what true friends and a 'friends' do to you to help you.

Take a minute to read and think back of who are your true friends and 'friends'

True friends
1) They stand by whenever you need help
2) They take the time and effort to comfort you
3) They will try to spend their time with you by going out with you
4) They listen to your problems and never once get annoyed at your problems
5) No matter how many times you complain to them, they never fail to talk you out of it
6) They try to do whatever they can to make you feel better

1) They will comfort you in the beginning but they will somehow start to avoid you/keep quiet (chances are they get annoyed)
2) When you talk to them about their problems, they will just read it and not say anything about it and they start talking behind your back on your relationship
3) When you need them at your lowest, they avoid you by giving excuses
4) They will only hangout with you when they need company
5) Other time, they will just let you be alone despite knowing you are going through hardship

These are the few things that I had been analyzing throughout the time when I was having a hard time.

This make me realized who are truly my friends and who are just a friend ( the one that only need you when they want to).

True friends are hard to come. Treasure them, love them and do whatever you can to remain this hard found friendship

With love, Yvonne

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Life is like a learning experience

It's been three months since I broke up. These three months has been dreadful for me with all sorts of mix emotions that leads to endless tears day and night. However, these three months gave me the opportunity to think hard on what actually happened to us and what was the cause of the break up. Yes, I would say it was partially my fault. Truth to be told, I didn't understand him well enough. Well, I guess that was the mistake that we made for not understanding each other well enough before committing into relationship.

Endless support and encouragement from friends had finally lifted me up. I realized that crying our spilt milk doesn't solve anything. It is just a waste of energy and tears and what's worst is he will not come back to you or even bother comforting you.

All this had made me realized that, there are still many guys in this world, why should I cry over one break up or someone who will not appreciate you anymore. This failed relationship had somehow make me a stronger and wiser person than who I was. There are no more crying over him or begging him to be back in my life. Yes, I still miss those memories that we had and it is still lingering in my mind once in a while but it does not affect me anymore.

At least for now, it is all smiles and no tears from me anymore.

I would like to thank Mr.A for making me a wiser and stronger person. Memories we had will forever be remembered.

But the most important person to thank are my FRIENDS. Thanks for lifting me up when I m down and supporting me when I feel like a useless, unwanted kid. Thank you so much.

Never give up on life once you fail in a relationship. It may take time to forget a person but one day for sure you will be waking up, smiling.

                                                                            Just sharing my real life story (Yvonne ) 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

True self

Life can be complicated and it takes time to know who you actually are. Your inner self may tell you this but your outer self shows otherwise. However, most of the time people only sees the outer self of us until they truly knows you to see their inner self. Some of your friend's inner self dissapoint you a lot to the point that you do not want to know them anymore. It take a lot of patience to deal with who they really are and accept who they are. There are arguments, incompatibility and friendship that goes complicated.These are people who do not accept who their friends truly are or they are in the mist of trying to accept who you are. Friendship turns bad when you can't accept and friendship that are good would turns their life to happiness. Being in a situation where you have to decide whether this friendship is worth keeping or not is something everyone goes through and had a tough time going through it. No matter what's the consequences. Never give up finding friends that truly knows you best and you truly know them and love them.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Done for Semester 2

29/6/2012 marks the end of semester 2 which means finals is just around the corner and which also means that holidays are coming! i'm more excited on the holidays than any other things that is because i had enough for the pass 7 weeks. Sleepless night rushing for assignment was the hardest part as a university student. Assignment been overloaded as we had only 7 weeks to complete 5 assignments. It was also part of my mistake that I have delayed my assignment and complaint when I had to rush my assignment. I never learn from that mistake and this continues year after year. Semester 2 may be short but life in this semester was very challenging as I juggle between studies, assignments and fun. I may enjoy myself a lot this semester but i manage to complete all my assignment on time which I'm proud of. As of today I'm already having my break. no it's not semester break but study break which falls the week after next. But to me I'm already in the holiday mood and it is time for me to party which i have since neglect it for the past few months. Yeah everyone said I became an angel as I change from a party animal to a socially hang out girl. Oh well. I realized my mistake but I guess at times like this( stress, worn out) I should reward myself by start partying again. I should start planning. :)

The tired, stress and worn out us :)
With Love, Yvonne :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time of our life

Class was as usual on a Tuesday with 2 hours break in between. And we girls, Jess, Rou Fui, Twan Ting and myself who always hang out together during break took every single opportunity we have to take pictures. The more pictures we take the more memories we have right. And it had since be part of our life of taking pictures wherever we go wherever we are and whenever there is an opportunity. Life without pictures is pretty boring. Oh well time off from those hectic assignment that we had. Done with some photoshop and it is one of my achievement of the day that I manage to complete the homework that was given few hours ago and I completed it and posted it on my other blog. :) There is nothing much to post for today so here's some of the pictures that we took today :) 

Girls just wanna have some fun :)
With Love, Yvonne :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Been a very busy week for me. I have 2 assignments due in 2 weeks time and that 2 assignments takes a lot of time to complete. I have to do some shooting and visiting places. Yeah that ain't easy but that's how university rolls. That's is the reason why I havent been blogging for quite some time now. I have been occupied by all this assignment and also vampire diaries. Yes I know I'm a little back dated. I just completed season 3 of vampire diaries yesterday. After watching it dayum I can't wait for the next season. It is getting more and more interesting. I really admire Nina Dobrev(Elena)'s body. I will be honoured to have her body. It is just perfect. Oh well I need a break right from all this assignment but I guess all that is over. It is back to reality where I have to fight for time. Time is really precious and we can't just waste it like this. I shall make used of the time to complete everything that needs to be done. On the other hand, I have started my daily exercise routine and I successfully done it for 3 weeks but I still can't see much changes. One thing for sure that is weird is I gained weight instead of losing weight. What is all this? I worked so hard yet I'm gaining weight :( I don't wish to gained weight. I just wanted to shed some pounds and build small muscles but I'm sure I won't be able to shed all the fats on my tummy or should I say beer belly. That's my bad for consuming alcohol practically every week  last time. I had since stopped. *Clapped*
Okay I think I better get back to work before I start crapping on unnecessary stuff here. Have a nice day everyone.

With love, Yvonne :) 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy birthday!

There are 2 important people who celebrated their birthday today(25th of May.) I would like to wish this 2 person a VERY Happy BIrthday. Although I can't celebrate their birthday but I wish that you people enjoy your birthday and had a great one. :) P/s : it is no fun without liquor and getting high :) Good night people With love, Yvonne